Daikin Ductless

We love installing Daikin Ductless units because they offer one of the best warranties in the industry, are designed for maximum efficiency, and can be designed to fit almost any need.

Daikin’s 2-port, 3-port, 4-port, and 8 zone multi-split systems can serve up to eight rooms from a single outdoor unit. With indoor unit options consisting of streamlined wallmount units, built-in slimduct units, or a combination of both, multi-splitsystems offer over 1,000 possible connection combinations, creating a flexible, powerful and energy efficient system.

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Ecobee Wi-Fi Thermostats

The Ecobee thermostats are a great choice for our customers because the average ecobee user saves 24% on their heating costs and 21% on their cooling costs, or about $500 each year.

These thermostats are easy to use and allow you access from your computer, tablet or phone no matter where you are. Not only do they give you outstanding control but they have the brains to help you save energy and money all on their own.

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